Pre-Employment Requirements  


If you are applying for a position with U.S. Fugitive Recovery Service you need to know the basic pre-employment qualifications requirements.

All applicants must be 25 years old, possess a high school diploma and pass physical fitness exam, IQ, lie detector, personality, drug and job-related scenario tests as well as criminal, driver, credit and employment histories.

You may not have been convicted of a felony, or misdemeanor involving moral turpitude, or spousal abuse, as it will disqualify you from employment.

Contact Us with a copy of your resume and supply 5 personal and professional references, and state position when applying.

You may also submit an online resume, from our web site. However you will still need to submit the required information by mail, after filling out and submitting the form. An online resume will be considered a pre-qualification. Those applicants failing to submit the required information will not be considered for employment.

If your resume is considered for application a representative from our office will contact you to further the process. U.S. Fugitive Recovery Service do not accept telephone solicitations of resumes.

Submitting an online resume is no way an offer of employment, but merely a convenience for you in the pre-qualification process.

Submit An Online Resume Here



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