U.S. Fugitive Recovery Service Service provides bail enforcement services, bail enforcement, fugitive recovery, bounty hunter, probation enforcement, and bail bond recovery agent services.


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U.S. Fugitive Recovery Service
Colonnade Center 
15305 Dallas Parkway
Suite 300
Dallas, TX 75248
Phone: 800 474 1005
Fax:     972 789 2999
U.S. Fugitive Recovery Service provides bail enforcement, fugitive recovery, probation enforcement, and prisoner transportation services  in Texas. Our local office provides bail enforcement services in Dallas, Texas and statewide.
Our specialty service is bail bond and probation enforcement. Our company is a nationwide leader in the fugitive recovery industry.

We provide bail bondsmen and women, as well as bail surety companies with complete liability management resources. Our company specializes in all matters pertaining to bail forfeitures, and the management of those forfeitures. We also offer pre-forfeiture and OSL Management.

Our investigators are highly trained, professional, courteous, and resourceful. Our founding Board of Directors are former law enforcement officers.

o       Court Research, Filing

o       Bail Forfeiture Investigation

o       In Custody Verification / Warrant Hold

o       Complete Fugitive Recovery Services

o       Bond Surrender

o       Court Surrender

o       Straight Pick-Up Service

o       Defendant Monitoring

o       Risk Assessment

o       OSL (Outstanding Liability) Management

o       Risk Management

o       Bail Bond Motion Support / Tech Review (filing/appearance)

o       Bail Bond Extradition Services

We can assist a law enforcement agency by providing enforcement services for the following types of programs in accordance with government and state laws.:

  • House Arrest
  • Defendant Monitoring Violation
  • Electronic Monitoring
  • Alternative Sentencing
  • Suspended Offender Supervision

For Immediate Service Call: 1-800-474-1005

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